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The On Your Terms Manifesto

Fred Perrotta
Fred Perrotta
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The first step to creating a movement is to publish a manifesto. Today, we start the On Your Terms movement.

I submit to you the On Your Terms Manifesto first drafted, not coincidentally, on January 20, 2017, Inauguration Day.

Travel On Your Terms

Travel is part of your life, not an escape from it.

Two weeks of vacation isn’t enough time to explore the world. Waiting until retirement isn’t an option.

You travel by living your life in new and varied places. You vacation by taking time away from work to recharge.

Live On Your Terms

Freedom of movement is a human right.

Live where you are happiest. Your job does not dictate where you live, you do. When your situation or your preference changes, move.

Home is not a building; home is where you make it.

Work On Your Terms

Work is broken and outdated.

Technology has freed us from machine-like labor. Now we must replace the industrial model with a human one.

Work where and when you are most productive. Choose purpose over place. Prioritize output over hours.

These are our terms.

Are you living on your terms? Do you want to be? Can you help others to do the same?

Please help us spread the On Your Terms Manifesto. Share this post with your network then follow our Medium publication, On Your Terms, to learn more about the movement.

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