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Fred Perrotta

I'm Fred Perrotta, the co-founder of Tortuga. Our travel backpacks help you pack everything you need for your next big trip. 🐢🎒

In addition to Tortuga, I also co-own Desert Gold, an Airbnb in Joshua Tree, California. 🌵

On this blog, I write about running a bootstrapped and remote ecommerce business. 🛍️

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The Kernel of Good Strategy

Good strategy starts with a diagnosis, is framed by a guiding policy, and ends with a set of coherent actions.

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Goal-Oriented Communication

Goal-oriented communication is saying the "what" and letting someone else figure out the "how." This style defines a leader, rather than a manager.

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How to Get an Interview (from a CEO Who Read 778 Resumes Last Month)

When you're applying for a job, know your audience and tell them how you will make their life easier.

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Products for Normies, Products for Sickos

Some products are made to have a perfect balance of features. They are "good enough" for "most people." A milquetoast Wirecutter pick. Those are products for "normies." But some products are made for the extremes, the edges. Those are products for sickos. (As a

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Opinionated Is Good

In a user interview years ago, a customer said he found his Tortuga backpack to be too "opinionated." I got a little obsessed with that idea. A product should be opinionated. A designer—and by extension, his products—should have a point of view. Opinions are good. You

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Simple is Sticky

The product that's the easiest to understand wins.