The CEO's Guide to Remote Work

I would love to tell you that we had a grand scheme to build a distributed team back in 2009 before remote work was trendy.

The truth is that our remote company, Tortuga, was an accident. My co-founder, Jeremy, and I lived in separate cities and were tied to our lives there. I was working for Google in San Francisco and Jeremy was in film school at USC.

We started working on Tortuga remotely and never stopped. When we started to hire more teammates in 2014, we already have 5 years of remote work experience under our belts. We weren't moving or turning back. We had to make it work.

When the time came to grow, we looked for the right teammates regardless of their location. I'm still the only Tortuga employee in the Bay Area. To make remote work a rule, we defined one of our core values as "Working on our terms," i.e. remotely.

Years later, we've built our company and its systems around working from anywhere. In the links below, I share more about our story and how we make remote work... work.

Why We Work Remotely: How Tortuga became a remote company and why working remotely went from a coincidence to a core value.

Remote Work Gone Wrong: Remote teams can fall victim to the same bad habits as any office.

The Importance of Trust in Remote Teams: Without trust, your team will implode. This is true of any team but more consequential in remote companies.

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