Travel Hacks

I am the remote CEO of a luggage company. Travel is a vital part of my life.

This blog focuses mostly on business and remote work, the intersection of business and travel. Here, I've collected my best advice on traveling cheaply and with style.

The Busy Person's Guide to Travel Hacking: For some, travel hacking becomes an obsession. Read this guide to get 90% of the savings and perks for 10% of the effort.

The Best Travel Credit Cards: Which are the best credit cards for traveling? Learn which cards to get and how to maximize your points for free trips.

The Best Travel Referral Programs: Refer your friends to your favorite travel sites to earn credits toward future trips. This is how we've paid for thousands of dollars in accommodations for company retreats.

How to Build a Travel Capsule Wardrobe (for Men): Learn how to look good while owning less and packing light.

For gear, check out the company that I co-founded, Tortuga. We help you live on your terms by building luggage for city travel.

If you need help deciding what to pack or how to pack it, our company blog Packsmith has everything you need.