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Goal-Oriented Communication

Goal-oriented communication is saying the "what" and letting someone else figure out the "how." This style defines a leader, rather than a manager.

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Decision Making Without Meetings

Last weekend, my girlfriend told me about a meeting at her company. The meeting was called to decide on which part to use when their original choice was unavailable. The meeting was an hour long and included 10 people. That's 10 person hours to make a single decision.

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Psychological Safety

When Google studied their internal teams [] to learn why some succeeded and some failed, they found 5 key norms for successful teams. > 1. Teams to need believe that their work is important. 2. Teams need to feel

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The Fred User Manual

> Inspired by this confusingly-titled LinkedIn post [] , I wrote the personal User Manual below for our team. The User Manual is meant to instruct people on "how to work with me." Read the original post for more context. > The User Manual

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A Team of Devil's Advocates

At Tortuga [], when we first discuss an issue, you might have a hard time telling where everyone stands. Surprisingly, this is a good thing. We've built a team and nurtured a culture of taking the "other" side in a discussion. At Tortuga,