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How We Calculate Base Salaries for Remote Jobs

Learn how we calculate salaries for remote roles at a U.S.-based company.

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Should You, the CEO, Hire a General Manager?

I didn't intend to become a manager. But today, I'm the CEO and the sole people manager of a 10-person company. I left Google in part because becoming a manager was the only way I could get another promotion. While I "consistently exceeded expectations"

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How to Pay Remote Employees

Running a remote company in the US requires using terrible government websites and filling out onerous paperwork. Tortuga [] has seven US-based employees across four states. Four of those employees have moved between states while working for Tortuga. In total, we've registered with seven state-level

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Metrics That Don't Matter

> [Company] raises $X, now valued at $Y That's probably the most common headline for startup coverage. That coverage focuses on the wrong numbers. Startup founders and employees have already chosen to play the VC game. That's their call. Good luck. I worry about bootstrapped founders

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Core-Value-Aligned Perks

Have we all accepted that beers and ping pong are not a company's culture? These "perks" have always reeked of: "Are we having fun yet?" What's the point of your company's perks? How should you choose those perks if the