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Simple is Sticky

The product that's the easiest to understand wins.

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Build a Product-Focused Audience

We did it wrong too. Most founders do what Jeremy and I did at Tortuga []. They experience a problem, build a solution, then try to sell it to other people. This formula is a great way to find yourself sitting on inventory or, in our case,

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Writing Selfishly

This blog is a completely selfish endeavor. I hope that other people find it useful, but that's not why I write. My writing is a way of talking to myself. Not out loud but online. I write to myself or, sometimes, a past me. Tim Urban of Wait

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The Sound and Fury of Startup Marketing

Ben Thompson of Stratechery, my favorite tech writer, recently covered the success of Stitch Fix []. > I am in fact deeply impressed by Stitch Fix: it seems quite clear that early on [CEO Katrina] Lake realized that the company was not an aggregator, which meant

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Overcoming the Fast Fashion Story

Liz Pape, the founder of Elizabeth Suzann [], wrote an excellent post addressing pricing in the fashion industry [] earlier this year. Her clothing line is made in the USA of premium fabrics and priced accordingly. In the post, she discusses consumers evaluating