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DNX Workshop

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Beyond Amazon: How to Choose, Make, and Sell a Physical Product

Thanks for attending the workshop at DNX Global. This page includes a link to download the slides, recommendations on further reading, and additional resources for making physical products.

Check out the Homebase Collection by Tortuga for digital nomad luggage.


Download the slides.

Further Reading


Product Design


More Resources

Where to find designers:

  • Upwork: The cheapest option. There is signal within the noise, but you will have to do more work to find the best designers and to set them up for success. We found our first designer on eLance.
  • Coroflot: A social network and portfolio site for a range of designers and disciplines. You can post job listings or contact people directly.
  • Schools with relevant design programs, e.g. industrial design.

Where to find factories:

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