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Made at the Same Factory As...

The clothing company Everlane has a world map of the factories [] on their website. That level of transparency is commendable. I've noticed a recent trend, particularly among bag and luggage companies, of a pseudo-transparency noting not which factories they work with, but their

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Clearing Out Inventory

In Silicon Valley, every company wants to be a platform. Platforms make money by taking a skim off of every transaction. The platform business model promises VCs unlimited upside and no hard costs like inventory or equipment. Amazon started by buying books and storing them in its warehouses. Now, sellers

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Manufacturing in China: Further Reading

Whenever I write about China, people eat it up. Most are curious and appreciate the transparency into Tortuga’s manufacturing process []. A few have negative, knee-jerk reactions. Invariably, the post generates more questions about China from potential customers and aspiring entrepreneurs. I will continue to