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The Best Jobs Page I've Ever Seen

The Stripe jobs page [] is the best jobs page. Writing the page required a clarity of purpose that's driven the fintech startup's success in raising $1.6B [], attracting talent [], and

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Should You, the CEO, Hire a General Manager?

I didn't intend to become a manager. But today, I'm the CEO and the sole people manager of a 10-person company. I left Google in part because becoming a manager was the only way I could get another promotion. While I "consistently exceeded expectations"

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5 Signs That a Candidate Can Work Remotely

When hiring at Tortuga [], > [W]e look for signals that someone can be productive outside of an office. From Why We Work Remotely [] Andrew Youderian asked me for more specifics on his Ecommerce Fuel Podcast [

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How to Hire Customer Service Reps

I was nervous to hire Tortuga's first customer service (CS) person. Hiring a good rep would be a challenge, but the scariest part was that we weren't just hiring our first CS employee, we were hiring our first employee. > What if we hire the wrong

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Remote Companies Hire for Impact, Not for Potential

> Credit is due to Rodolphe [] from Remotive [] for the title of this post. I immediately wrote this line down when he said it in his workshop at DNX Global [] in Lisbon last month. In this post, I'

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How to Get an Interview (from a CEO Who Read 778 Resumes Last Month)

When you're applying for a job, know your audience and tell them how you will make their life easier.