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Digital Nomads

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Reading this Atlantic article on the Retail Meltdown of 2017 [] reminded me of the importance of riding tailwinds in a business. The winners take advantage of societal and market trends. The losers resist the change that is obvious to everyone

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If Your Business is a Secret, It's Probably Bullshit

A rule of thumb, particularly for digital nomads: > If you can't tell a stranger what you do, you may not have a real business. I've found this secrecy prevalent in dropshipping, Amazon sellers, and Amazon affiliates. Warren Buffet often talks about building defensible "moats&

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Selling Shovels to Digital Nomads

During a gold rush, you’re better off selling shovels than panning for gold. Finding gold is lucrative but unlikely. Selling to a steady stream of customers is where the money is. Every miner is looking for the jackpot. He’s going to be rich… once he has the right