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Made at the Same Factory As...

The clothing company Everlane has a world map of the factories [] on their website. That level of transparency is commendable. I've noticed a recent trend, particularly among bag and luggage companies, of a pseudo-transparency noting not which factories they work with, but their

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China Sprints

Flying from San Francisco to Hong Kong costs me a day that I only get back on the return trip. My 14-hour flight left at noon on Saturday and landed at 7pm on Sunday. When Patrick's flight arrived an hour later, we booked our Sky Limo across the

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Manufacturing in China: Further Reading

Whenever I write about China, people eat it up. Most are curious and appreciate the transparency into Tortuga’s manufacturing process []. A few have negative, knee-jerk reactions. Invariably, the post generates more questions about China from potential customers and aspiring entrepreneurs. I will continue to