How to Run a V-Commerce Brand

In 2009, we started working on Tortuga and accidentally created one of the first v-commerce companies.

At the time, we were running the playbook from The 4-Hour Workweek, not trying to emulate Bonobos or Warby Parker. We hadn't even heard of those companies.

Now v-commerce companies are all the rage. V-Commerce brands are digitally-native companies that make and sell their own products. You're probably familiar with brands like Bonobos, Warby Parker, Everlane, or Casper. Think of an internet-first version of H&M or The Gap. Andy Dunn first defined the category as digitally-native verical brands.

Like those companies, Tortuga is a v-commerce brand. We manufacture and sell our own gear directly-to-consumers via the internet.

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